Debt Counseling Crusade

Debt Counseling Crusade is riding to the rescue. We are here to help wield a sword of righteousness against the debt that plagues your life. Find all you need by reading the pages of Debt Counseling

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Wage A Debt Counseling Crusade Against Your Debt!

Americans historically have embraced crusades - such as World War II - as well as glorious little wars. The difficulty is that the most likely conflicts of the future fall between crusades and such brief encounters as Grenada or Mayaguez.

- James R Schlesinger.

Welcome to the Debt Counseling Crusade

We want you to embrace our crusade. A crusade against having to decide if you're going to pay the Visa bill or keep the lights on this month. A crusade to make sure that you're not eating cat food out of a can and weeping in your cold, cold bedroom just because you decided that yes, maybe it was time to pay your student loans. This is a Debt Counseling Crusade and we want you on board, to see what can happen when you embrace the power of credit counseling services and how they can sit down with you and help you work out a game plan.

We here at the Debt Counseling Crusade have been there.

Everyone that works on this page has worked with a debt counseling company and gotten the advice we needed to ensure that this site was going to be the number one resource on the web for financial advice on this subject. Think of consumer credit counseling as a divine sword that can cut through the debt that's plaguing your life on this earth and it can carry you into the kingdom of heaven with a thousand hosannahs sung on high for you, the person who was brave enough, daring enough to sit down and work out their problems instead of letting them drag you into the depths of despair.

There's nothing more American or more capitalist and anti-socialist than looking at credit counseling as a way to relieve some of the ills that plague you. Read and explore this site and click on the links provided for more help on becoming a crusader of fiscal responsibility, of a better tomorrow whose promise lies in a coffers stuffed not only with gold, but with divine intervention and blessed financial love.

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